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Gavel Conference 2018

The Gavel Conference of Sri Lanka will be held on 22 nd, 23 rd and 24 th September at Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa. The Participation will consist of 350+ Gaveliers reprensting Gavel Club of their Universities, Institutes or their School.

The Participants will be having workshops and keynotes by reputed Toastmasters. Added to that the there will be events like "Scanverger Hunt" where you get to network with other Gaveliers

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Gavel Conference 2017 | From the Past Year

The Gavel Conference 2017 was successfully held at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Gavel Conference 2018

We measure our success by the results and feedback we get from our work

350+ University and School Delegates


16+ Universities, Private Institutes and Schools


10 Keynote Speakers


1 Conference

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Gaveliers reprensting every corner of the country will be participating to make a change

350 +

University and School Delegates

16 +

Universities, Private Institutes and Schools

10 +

Keynote Speakers

The Committee

Are you ready for 3 exciting days of your life?

Don't miss the chance to grow your network, and to witness an exciting conference with your friends and get hired

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